Infant Room

Our infant room is registered for 5 babies from 3 months to approximately 10 months or when they are mobile. Infants continue to eat food that is prepared at home and we have a fridge, microwave and bottle warmer in the room for storing and preparing food and milk for the children. Infants are introduced to solids in this room.

The focus in this room is on encouraging movement and interaction with other babies and with the staff and activities are carefully planned accordingly.

Baby Room

Our infants move to the Baby Room when they are mobile. The Baby Room is registered for 8 babies from 10 months to 18 months. In this room children are introduced to the nursery menu and encouraged to sit at the table and eat by themselves.

The focus for this age group is on early language and large movements. Babies typically learn to walk and talk in this room.

Tweenie Room

The Tweenie room is designed for 12 children from 18 months to 2 ½. This is a big bright room with patio door allowing direct access to the rear garden. This room benefits from having a separate room where staff can work with small groups of children on quite activities such as story time and literacy and numeracy activities. After lunch, this room is used for the children to have their afternoon sleep.

The focus for this age group is on social interaction and fine motor skills as the children start to play together in groups, and get involved in more painting and drawing activities.

Toddler Room

The Toddler Room is registered for 10 children from 2 ½ to 3. This is a smaller room that is laid out in focus areas to encourage the children to continue to develop their social interaction skills through play.

The focus in this room is on preparing the children for their move to the Pre-school room and preparing them for the more formalised structure and routines in that room.

Pre-school Room

The Pre-school room is registered for 28 children in the 3 - school age range. This is a large bright room that is laid out and resourced in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Education Department at Falkirk Council. A new annex was recently added to the room enabling the staff to work with small groups on quieter activities like writing and numeracy skills and computer activities. The Pre-school children also benefit from having a dedicated entrance and an integral toilet in the room.

One key focus areas for this age group is on developing Early Years Profiles for the children, which document their progress and development through this important stage and provides evidence of their readiness for the move on to school.

The other key focus is on planning activities for the children that incorporate the outcomes of the Curriculum for Excellence. CfE is the new national curriculum introduced by the government to encourage young people to become

Pre-school Partnership

As one of Falkirk Council's partner nurseries, our staff work with the Peripatetic Teacher from the Council who comes to the Nursery on a weekly basis. She assists the staff in delivering the curriculum and helps with the assessment of children for their Early Years Profiles.

For those parents who choose The Kidz Stop for their child's pre-school education, grant funding is paid out by Falkirk Council once each school term over the two years.

Get Ready for School Program

During the Easter - Summer term before children leave to go to school, they go through a special program of activities to help them prepare for school activities like gym and lunch time.